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White Belt to First Degree Black

Minimum of 3 years training
Minimum age: 9

1st Black to 2nd Degree Black

Minimum of 1 year at 1st Black

2nd Black to 3rd Degree Black

Minimum of 2 years at 2nd Black

3rd Black to 4th Degree Black

Minimum of 3 years at 3rd Black
Minimum age: 16

4th Black to 5th Degree Black

Minimum of 4 years at 4th Black

5th Black to 6th Degree Master

Minimum of 5 years at 5th Black
Minimum age: 25

6th Black to 7th Degree Master

Minimum of 6 years at 6th Black

7th Black to 8th Senior Master

Minimum of 7 years at 7th Black

8th Black to 9th Grand Master Black

Minimum of 8 years at 8th Black


All belt advancement has additional requirements such as, but not limited to, the following…

As a person embarks on this epic journey
they must realize that training in martial arts is something meant to be  a part of their
life, not just an additional activity. That is what makes martial art training both invaluable and so difficult to “afford”. Can it be done? Yes, without a doubt. Even if the student takes a brief time away, they can return to their training and continue on. Will everyone continue to Master level? No. Most will stop short of this lofty goal.