A Family Dojang

The Lavala Family teaches together for most classes...

When you come to Boundary Martial Arts you will find a dedicated family that will welcome you and then provide a fitness workout that will get you headed in the direction of fit.

There is a funny bumper sticker out that says, “Fit Happens” and that is true as long as you are a willing participant in the process. At the dojang located in Moyie Springs, Idaho, the Lavalas train hard and push their students to be the best they can possibly be.

Mr. Lavala always says, “If you practice hard you will perform well. You will perform how you practice.” Training, especially such a demanding sport as martial arts, is something you have to purpose to do. You cannot come with a lackadaisical attitude and have any hope of making it. There are some nights where in the 50 minutes or so you will have done over 100 push ups, lots of sit ups, jumping jacks till you think your calves are going to explode and then all the mental work too.

Martial arts, and the art of Taekwondo taught at BMA, are not for folks who are half-hearted. This is a full-blooded, heart-pounding, exciting sport that requires discipline, mental fortitude and a teachable personality.

Give Boundary Martial Arts a call and speak to Mr. Lavala about getting involved. It will be one of the best decisions you could make for you and your family!

Past Tournament Photo

Along with the local dojang Boundary Martial Arts participates in regional tournaments throughout the year. In order of achieve the rank of First Degree Black Belt you must have at least participated in one local, regional or national tournament.

Tournaments are fun and a great way to see how your training matches up against opponents from other styles and schools.  


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