Fees & Equipment Needed for class...

Every sport has gear that is required and martial arts is no different.

Head Gear (Helmet)

Color: Blue or Red

Manufacturer doesn’t matter as long as a face shield can attach to the helmet.

Macho product shown here
Our Price: $26

Face Shield

Color: Clear

The face shield either attaches to the helmet through the provided holes or uses straps to attach.

Macho Dyna Face Shield shown here
Our Price: $28

Chest Protector

Color: Blue or Red

We prefer to have the “dot” pattern on the
chest protector but it is not required.

Dot Style shown here
Our Price: $28

Hand Pads

Color: Blue or Red

Hand Pads are usually foam-dipped pads that cover the knuckles. MMA gloves are NOT allowed.

Macho Dyna Punch shown here
Our Price: $27

Shin/ Instep Pads

Color: White, Black or Red

Protecting your shins and instep is important. This also protects your sparring opponent from injury.

Various styles available
Our Price: $18 - $30

Mouth Guard

Color: Any

We use a mouth guard that comes with $5,000 worth of dental protection insurance. This hot-dipped, form-fitting guard is great for all ages.

Air Mouth Guard
Our Price: $4

Groin Protector

Color: Any

The protector we have is worn outside the uniform and can be taken on and off quickly for sparring.

Outside of uniform cup shown
Our Price: $9

Taekwondo Bag

Color: Black Only

Uniformity is important especially when going into the public for demonstrations or going to a tournament. We require students to have the same bag.

One Style
Our Price: $14


Color: White w/ silkscreen

Our uniform comes with the BMA emblem on the back and we provide the proper sew-on patches for each student.

Required Uniform
Our Price: $18 - $36

Monthly Training & Testing Fees = $60 per month / 4 classes per week Summer Schedule only allows for 2 classes per week.

First Degree Black Belt Examination Fee: $75 / $150 depending on package
Click HERE to see the Black Belt Package Details

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