Martial art training is a sport, yes, but really it is more of a lifestyle. You must have dedication…


Yes, you have read correctly... 3 years is the minimum time at Boundary Martial Arts that you can earn your First Degree Black Belt. Some may take longer to accomplish this lofty goal but no one will do it quicker than that.

Becoming a Black Belt “should” mean that you are setting yourself up for a lifetime of fitness and continued training. That is not always the case though. LIFE seems to have a way of getting in between you and your best intentions.

In the six years Boundary Martial Arts has been active in Moyie Springs, Idaho, only 4 students have earned a Black Belt.

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Fall Segment

The Fall Segment is off to a
great start. We are training
with the sword as our
weapon and continue to
welcome new students!
Call: (208) 304-6717

Christmas Break

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Christmas Break is from
12/22 - 1/3

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