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Our course is taught by industry leaders in multiple disciplines including martial arts, force-on-force practitioners, firearms specialists, and government operatives. What you will learn in our 30 day course WILL revolutionize your concept of self-defense and your readiness to defend yourself and your family - and even a third party.

Some of what you will learn:


At the end of the course you will receive:

A certification of completion

A certification for enhanced concealed carry in Idaho (reciprocal in 37 states + Oregon) - You still have to apply at the local DMV for the CC permit.

One Year Access to the Local Shooting Range

If you are here, you have clicked on a Facebook article that was speaking about a 30-day Self-Defense program or were directed by Boundary Martial Arts to come here and sign up.

To get on the contact list, please fill out the form and as the class is developed, you will be notified.