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Our Training Philosophy…  


One of the five tenets of Taekwondo is perseverance. With this tenet operating in your life, as well as your training, you will be able to accomplish what you have set out to do. Earning a Black Belt in any martial art style is a great accomplishment and takes a lot of hard work. Yes there are some schools that are only in it for the money to be made and thus hand out belts without the student truly earning the rank. At Boundary Martial Arts you must prove that you understand the material and then model the life skills you have learned, as well as the tenets of TKD, to all other students and instructors.


As the Lavalas sat watching their only son, Isaac, get his Yellow Belt in Taekwondo they never thought it would be something they would do. They enjoyed watching their son in his training but stirring inside was the age-old calling within to be involved with the art.  There were so many excuses and many of them valid: Many car crashes; Many motorcycle crashes; Mountain climbing accidents; Years of driving construction vehicles with poor suspension if any - all pointing to a bad back and neck with totally poor mobility.  Mr. Lavala recalls not even being able to bend over to touch his shins let alone the floor!  All these excuses but a 7th Degree Senior Master looked into the group of parents during a special seminar at Isaac’s dojang and said, “If you want to know how to tie the belt on your child, you need to tie one on yourself”. It was at that moment that both Mr. & Mrs. Lavala decided to enroll under Master Berry.  Since that time Master Berry has gone on to achieve his 7th Degree Black Belt and is now a Senior Master in the American Taekwondo Association.

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Other ingredients in our school...

Breaking Boards

Breaking boards is one of five disciplines we adhere to at Boundary Martial Arts. We use the International standard 10” X 12” X 1” thick board for all students 12 years old and older. Smaller 1” thick boards are used for ages 5 - 11.

We do not use any spacers for multiple board attempts believing that this constitutes “cheating”.

Students may wear hand or foot pads to break but the break will not be counted in any testing score. You cannot fail a rank testing due to not breaking a board.

Weapons training at Boundary Martial Arts...

We train with four traditional weapons at our dojang: The Sword; The Nunchaku; The Long Staff; The Escrima Stick. Each of the weapons has its own poomsae (form) and the weapons are generally not used for sparring another student.

Our weapon training provides the mind with ample opportunity to use both sides of the body. Anyone who may question the reason to use a weapon needs to consider the amazing results achieved by manipulating a nunchaku in your “off” hand or twirling a long staff with the lessor-used side. This type of training is excellent for developing complex motor skills.

Senior Master David Berry

7th Degree Sr. Master David Berry